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Whether you're a current Seton Hall student or a visiting student, consider taking a summer course at Seton Hall. With several sessions available, we offer many courses across our schools and colleges.

Summer 2022 Programs

Thank you for your interest in Seton Hall's Summer Session course offerings. Summer is a time to reflect on what you've accomplished and look forward to what's ahead. 

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Summer 2022 Dates

May 24 - June 13 Intersession A
June 14 - July 1 Intersession B
May 31 - July 1 Summer I
July 5 - August 4 Summer II
August 8 - August 26 Summer III

Please note: Information is current as of the date of publication. The University reserves the right to make any necessary changes.

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A Diversity of Summer Course Offerings

Summer provides an opportunity for people to look forward to a break in their typical year-round routines. It is a time to re-energize, retool and refresh. Take advantage of new prospects and develop leading-edge skills to remain professionally competitive.