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Buccino Crowned as #1 Leadership Program in Country  

Image of a glass award for Outstanding Program- Seton Hall University- Buccino Leadership Institute Buccino Wins ALE Outstanding Program Award

It’s official. Seton Hall has the number one leadership development program in the country.

On Tuesday, the Association of Leadership Educators announced at its annual conference in Kansas City that the Buccino Leadership Institute at Seton Hall University was this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Program award.

Founded in 1990, the Association of Leadership Educators is comprised of the top leadership development educators from around the country.

Competition for the Outstanding Program award is fierce. Previous awardees include Rice University, Virginia Tech, Purdue, Texas A&M, and last year’s winner, Notre Dame.

This is the first time Seton Hall has won this award.

When Bryan Price, Ph.D., learned the Institute won the award, he was emotional.

Price, the founding executive director of the Institute, thought about all of the individuals responsible for setting the Institute up for success when it started four years ago.

“Credit for this award goes to (former Provost) Karen Boroff and (President) Mary Meehan who had the courage to start this university-wide program in 2018. Credit goes to our namesake, Dr. Buccino and his philanthropy for building this. Credit goes to (Director Emeritus) Michael Reuter and Jack Shannon for creating an award-winning leadership program in the Stillman School of Business before the Institute was created.”

“And credit goes to our Associate Directors, innovative leaders like Ruchin Kansal and Elizabeth Halpin, and staff – Janet Fenton and Staysha Taylor – and our students for buying into this program.”

To be considered, prospective universities had to submit a detailed nomination packet to ALE’s Awards Committee. The packet had to include evidence which substantiated the program’s impact on individuals, organizations, institutions, and the community.

Programs that win the award are ineligible to compete again for the next five years.

Price, who came to Seton Hall after two decades of leadership experience as an Army officer, said Seton Hall’s nomination packet simply showcased the Buccino Leadership Institute’s innovative curriculum.

The four-year program includes intensive workshops, student-led initiatives, professional leadership coaching, field trips to the National 9/11 Memorial and Gettysburg, industry-leading assessments, and multimodal feedback.

But the real differentiator of the Buccino Leadership program, according to Price, was their Inter-disciplinary Teams (IDTs). These are real-world, semester-long leadership projects that allow students to lead each other with minimal adult facilitation and maximum opportunities for growth.

Perhaps the best IDT example is the project from rising junior Jason Santos, which created a university-wide lending closet to loan formal business attire to needy students.

The Buccino Leadership Institute’s nomination for the ALE Outstanding Program award also included facts about the Institute’s impact.

Some of the most notable metrics include:

  • The Institute is a truly interdisciplinary program that serves 265 students from 34 different majors.
  • Almost 26% of all campus leadership positions are held by Buccino leaders.
  • More than 30% of the university’s esteemed Servant Leader Scholars are Buccino leadership students, even though they make up around 3% of the student population.
  • Buccino leaders develop via feedback from multiple sources – peer, faculty, ICF-leadership coach, audio/visual, industry-leading assessments.
  • A before-and-after increase in the Eq-i emotional intelligence scores in graduating students that are more than four times as great as other leading programs.

“We know we’re doing things no other program in the country is doing when it comes to leadership development at the undergraduate level,” said Price. “But it’s really rewarding to have this type of national recognition, especially considering the elite schools we were up against and from an organization as prestigious as the ALE.”

Price continued, “Seton Hall can now say it’s home to the number one leadership development program in the nation.”

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