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Museum Professions Student Presents at Petersheim Academic Exposition  

Angelina D'AngeloThe Petersheim Academic Exposition Oral presentations took place during the last week of April, featuring Museum Professions student Angelina D'Angelo's presentation on part of her thesis.

The 2022 Petersheim Academic Exposition "Share, Honor, Unite" is a celebration of scholastic accomplishments at Seton Hall. Students, in coordination with faculty sponsors, and faculty present their work in research symposia, poster sessions, presentations, panel discussions, theatrical performances, art exhibits, debates, concerts and more. The award also includes a future reimbursement to present research "at a regional, national or international conference."

D'Angelo's presentation titled, "Preserving the Polychromy of Antiquity" covered the topic of analyzing color of antiquities, and the various controversies surrounding the issue.

Angelina D'AngeloAs part of her Master's Thesis, D'Angelo has been working on this topic for several months. She expressed, "Preserving the Polychromy of Antiquity is a research project built on academic passion and further understanding of the professional field I will be joining."

Detailing past controversies on the subject, such as the British Museum cleaning paint off of statues and damaging them in the 1930s, D'Angelo argued that any treatments should be reversible, but collection stewards still desire to analyze colors that may not be visible to the naked eye.

D'Angelo contended that collecting non-invasive color recognition efforts allows museum staff to create digital renderings of statues with paint without touching or damaging the existing sculpture. While staff have an obligation to preserve the remaining color on antiquity sculptures, this research may affect the preservation of them, and non-invasive efforts may aid in this process.

On her experience presenting at the Exposition, D'Angelo noted, "The Petersheim Presentation is a fantastic opportunity to present the research I am passionate about to a broader audience. I was fortunate to participate and answer questions from those who listened to my presentation."

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