Stop Pests Before They Settle In

Removing pests from your yard—big, small, or nearly microscopic—can be a harsh, unlikeable procedure, with a variety of ways available to eradicate them once they’ve settled in. Deterring them from the get-go can be less costly and often a more humane experience. For wildlife removal Dallas residents can also choose proactive alternatives to reactive and aggressive animal removal.

One of the first steps is to eliminate areas of shelter animals may seek out. For any animal, whether snake, mole, rabbit, or raccoon, eradicating hiding places will help keep them away from the area. Eliminate rock and brush piles, seal off crawlspaces, and keep grass from growing too high—if they can’t hide, they’re unlikely to stick around for long.

Minimize potential food sources. Keep your yard clean of trash, clean up birdseed that may attract squirrels, cover any compost piles to dissuade raccoons, and use natural pesticides to get rid of bugs, which will help deter the animals that feed on them, including skunks and moles.

Scent repellants are a very humane and effective solution when properly monitored to maintain their efficacy. Predator urine is a typical go-to for many. Various plants can be grown in and around a garden to help keep away curious animals looking for a snack. Strong-scented plants such as mint, lavender, cilantro, garlic, and chives have shown promise.

Additional options include castor oil, hot peppers, fritillaria—a flower bulb, and even mothballs; however, the latter should be used with caution when there are children or pets around as they are poisonous.

Fencing is of course one of the most effective methods. You can ring your entire yard, or section off a small portion or garden. Using crop cages and chicken wire cloches on particular plants can act as a more direct deterrent for curious animals—and even rampaging children.